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Hoboken's premier destination for luxury pet grooming and a welcoming community.

At Furever Fresh, we've redefined the pet grooming experience. Our open concept grooming salon is designed to make both pets and their owners feel comfortable and included. We believe that being a part of your dog's grooming experience can be a special and bonding moment.

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  • Why should I get my dog groomed? Can't I do it myself?
    Dog hygiene is a huge part of your dog's wellness and comfort. Getting your dog professionally bathed, deshed/dematted and/or groomed is essential to your pup looking and feeling their best. Dogs whose coats are not cleaned, brushed and trimmed regularly are prone to skin infections and painful fur mats. Try to imagine not bathing for weeks as a human! It is true that you may be able to bathe or groom your dog on your own to some degree. However getting your pet dog groomed is best left to professionals like our Furever Fresh team who have trained for years using the best tools, techniques, and knowledge in the dog grooming industry.
  • How does it work?
    Simple. Click the book now button, fill out your info/desired appointment date, and someone from our team will be in contact to iron out a few more details. The day of your appointment we ask that you arrive within a 10-15 minute window of selected time. After drop off we will notify you via text, email or call when your dog is close to being finished to coordinate pickup.
  • Where are you located?
    We are conveniently located in downtown Hoboken at 367 1st street.
  • I'm worried about cleanliness and hygiene. Is your facility clean?
    Our facility is regularly cleaned on a periodic basis throughout the day. We only groom 2-3 dogs at a time. Unlike many groomers in the area we are cage free, ensuring your pup has a comfortable experience. Also unlike many dog grooming facilities in the area we are not a daycare. This means there is less of a chance of your dog catching a virus, parasite or infection.
  • Do you groom puppies?
    We absolutely do! However we recommend that their first groom be a short one (especially if they are a fluffy breed like a poodle or shih-tzu) and that they be worked up to the length of a full groom over a few months. Puppies have short attention spans and we want to make positive associations with them and our salon. That means building trust over time.
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